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Its time to MAN UP!

I can only speak for myself but I am tired of reading all the same boring shit on the internet everyday. I hate circling through the same set of websites hoping for something new and interesting. If you feel the same way I do then this is where you belong.

I do not know what has changed, but these days it seems as though most men are afraid to be what they are. There is nothing wrong with being a sensitive guy, but walking around with your balls cut off is another story completely . Could it be that we have gone from great iconic badasses like Clint Eastwood and John Wayne to slightly less than masculine figures such as Tom Cruise and Justin Bieber? Even outside of the movies, men like Hemingway and Teddy Roosevelt were two real life mans men that destroyed everything in their paths.

If you are not easily offended and want to read unbiased articles about cars, chicks, bikes, guns, the great outdoors or whatever else you consider to be a mans topic keep following Hey-man Magazine. If you want a particular topic researched, tested, and written about bullshit free, we are the guys to do it for you.

Ladies, you are not only invited but also encouraged to read. There are far too many articles and magazines out there where women are writing about what men want – but who knows what men want better than the men that want it. Again if you are easily offended you probably want to keep your distance.

Any articles you would like to write or topics you want us to tackle please email editor@hey-manmag.com